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I'm Kayla Sue, a Charleston, South Carolina based calligrapher.  I have been lettering on anything I can get my hands on for over three years now.  My style is pretty laid back, and I love a good challenge. If you're here for something little like a card; or something larger like a big seating chart for your wedding, I'm your gal! And if you don't see anything, let's chat so we can come up with something fun together!

I am also a Sip & Script calligraphy instructor! If you're interested in learning calligraphy with me, click here! 



I  picked up a pen and started learning calligraphy around July 2016 after my move to South Carolina.  I wanted to try something new and fell in love with everything calligraphy related. At the beginning of 2020, I began teaching calligraphy classes locally in Charleston. 


For those who know me... I'm still taking photos like a crazy lady!  For those who dont know me, I've had a camera around my neck since about 6th grade. It's my #1 passion in life and what I went to school for. If you're looking for my photo services, here's a link to my website!



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